Winner of the Fantasia Film Festival Fantasy Award at the Digi60 Spring Film Festival 2014
Videodrunk Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection
San Antonio Laughs Film Slam 2015 – Official Selection
Thurrock International Film Festival 2015 – Official Selection
Vanier Independent Film Festival 2015 – Official Selection
The Best Film Fest 2016 – Official Selection

Directed by Magill Foote
Director of Photography – Grant Jeffery
Written by Magill Foote and Grant Jeffery
Edited by Magill Foote
Visual Effects by Grant Jeffery
Produced by Magill Foote and Grant Jeffery
Shots on location at The House of Targ
Music by Vince Nitro

Starring Michelle Holly Dugas and Denis Janveau
Also featuring Gavin McKercher, Jesse Lozaway, Caitlyn Paxson, Robin Warder, Mat Kelly, Stephen Koster, Roma Birka, Becky McKercher, Sarah Boutcher and Mark McHale

A loser kid is electrocuted by a pinball machine and sent to the afterlife for pinball champions, but when the God of Pinball discovers that she’s a phony, she must compete for her life in the world’s deadliest game: pinball.